Hi, my name is Bernhard Tschirren but everybody calls me Bernie. I was born on 26th July in 1979 in Berne, Switzerland. In October 1989 my family moved from Switzerland to Australia and settled in Perth.

At the start of 1997 I began to study Computer Science at Curtin University. I completed my degree at the end of 1999, but stayed another year to pursue my honours. I received First Class Honours, and graduated at the end of 2000.

During my studies I worked part time at a company called Uniwell Systems. They later renamed themselves to PalmTeq Limited, and I joined them fulltime after graduating.

I embarked on a Word Trip in March 2003. I visited the US for three months, and spent the next five months trekking around Europe. Of course, I visited all my family in Switzerland, some of whom I hadn't seen in 14 years!

I moved to Seattle in October of 2005 and started working on the architecture tools shipped in Visual Studio at Microsoft.