Exceptions in C

I have written an exception library for C. YES, you heard right - C!

This exception library allows you to throw and catch exceptions as you would in Java, C++ and Delphi. It is written in ANSI-C and should compile on most UNIX and Win32 systems. Unfortunately, under Win32 you cannot catch the Windows exceptions (signals) - yet! I'm hoping to fix that in the near future. I'm also working on a thread safe version.

NEW VERSION 0.3 - Signals are still unstable under Win98 (haven't tested WinNT or Win2K yet). However, there is now support for multiple threads! This version also fixes a serous bug that caused try contexts to be destroyed unreliably (causing program crashes).

Read the HTML documentation online!


The following archives contain example programs that demonstrate how to use the exception library. Believe me, its very simple!

Download version 0.3 (25/10/2000):