SEARCH - A useful file searching tool

SEARCH, as its name implies, searches for a file on your hard drive. Of course there are millions of programs that do this exact job. In fact, the DOS command "DIR /S *.*" does the job. However, my program also searches inside compressed archives for the specified file. Currently it snoops through ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LZH, ARC, MS-CAB, and QUAKE-PAK archives. This is very handy if you are like me and compress everything that you can get your hands on, just to get that much needed hard drive space!

The highlight of this search program is its powerful pattern matching abilities. You can specify your search pattern using a UNIX style regular expression, and this program will go and find all matching files. The search pattern may include the following symbols:

*         Matches zero or more characters
?         Matches one single character
[abc0-9]  Matches a, b, c, and 0 thru 9
[!abc0-9] Matches any characters except a, b, c, and 0 thru 9
{str,...} Matches any string (or pattern) in the list

Search is the first USEFUL utility that I have ever written. It as a program that I use very often, simply because I could not find any other programs that do this job. If you have any improvements you would like me to make, don't hesitate to contact me.


Download SEARCH v2.0 for Win95/98/NT: This version of search is compiled for Microsoft's win32 platform. It is a win32 console application so it looks like a DOS program. Its written in C and compiled using MinGW, the win32 port of gcc. Full source is included in the archive!

Download SEARCH v2.0 for DOS: This version of search is compiled for DOS, however it includes Windows95 long filename support. If you are a Windows 3.xx user, you must get this version. Unfortunately, it tends to run out of memory when lots of matching files are found (around 8000). Then again, on my system (a crappy 486) this DOS version is faster than the windows version. It is written in Pascal, and full source is included in the archive.